GNMixer - MIDI file settings remixer for Windows

Price:18 Euro (incl. vat)
Order:online order
System:Windows software
Purpose: MIDI player, mixer, optimizer
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Demo: try the software free for 14 days, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
TESTVERSION: A testversion is still in development and might contain errors that are not detected yet (also called beta version). Users of a test version should have enough experience to find out if the results of the program are valid or wrong. Please inform the developer by email or contact form about any problems noticed. There is no legal warranty for using a testversion. The end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
License: single user, installation on up to 5 of your computers, free updates till 2.99, the end user license agreement must be accepted at program start.
Windows systems: The program is tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is not guaranteed to work fully with other Windows systems.
GNMIDI screenshot 1 GNMixer Screenshot 2


GNMixer 2.5 has been released.
GNMixer is a MIDI song parameters editor.
The song settings can be modified during playing. The modified song can be saved to MIDI file.
  • Parameters like sound program, volume, stereo balance, reverb, chorus, octave, mute can be changed for every channel.
  • Total volume can be adjusted
  • Whole song excluding drum channel 10 can be transposed.
  • The software can load different program definition sets for assigning sounds of a special MIDI device to the MIDI song.
  • Parameters can also be modified on external MIDI device and GNMixer recognizes it through active MIDI input and GNMIXER
    performs the change to the current loaded or playing song.
  • GNMixer changes current song tempo or increases or decreases current tempo smoothly during playing.
  • GNMixer has a playlist window and playlist editor. Most important operations during performance can be done by pressing single keyboard key.
  • Can load a sound definition file (text only) that identifies sound addresses of a connected keyboard or sound module.
    Using this GNMIXER can display sound names used by the keyboard for identified sounds.
  • GNMIXER displays synchronised lyrics
  • Can save the modified MIDI song.
Sound program sets provided by users for some keyboards and modules (no warranty that they are free of errors or complete)
Roland Roland MT32 module |  Roland Edirol SD-90 studio canvas module
Yamaha PSR 2000 keyboard |  Yamaha PSR9000 keyboard (XG and PANEL sounds) |  Yamaha Tyros keyboard |  Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard
KORG KORG i3 workstation |  KORG i30 workstation
Ketron Ketron SD 1 keyboard |  Ketron Midjay player