GN MIDI Tools (DOS commandline tools for Windows 32bit)

GNMIDI screenshot GN MIDI Tools are Win32 commandline tools for analysing, converting, modifying MIDI files.
Demo: Try the GNMIDI demo (which uses many of these MIDI tools).
Purpose: Writing own batch files or scripts that use existing MIDI tools to make some task simplier.
Knowledge in using Windows commmandline is required to use the tools. Knowledge in creating scripts (DOS, perl, ...) or programming is recommended.
For other users GNMIDI is probably the better choice.
License: The tools can be ordered for noncommercial private use or for commercial use (companies only).
The end user license agreement must be accepted before the tools may be used.
noncommercial use: License for noncommercial use allows to use the software on up to 5 computers (which must be registered by requesting an access code online or by email to author).
commercial use: The user needs to explain the purpose of the product or project. Commercial use is limited to a given product or purpose and using the same tool for another project requires a new license. Price differs if the project requires distribution of the tool with a commercial product (requires distribution rights).
Ask the author if you have interest in licensing one or more tools for a given purpose.
In an order you can specify more tools. The order count should match the number of specified tools.
Ordering more tools at once reduces price per tool. Ordering more tools at once for reserved tools in future is possible.
End user license agreement
View End user license agreement for private noncommercial use English German
(for commercial use the conditions will be sent to your company before order and need to be accepted before any order).
Available utilities: mid2pars analyses a MIDI file and generates Parsons code as output for a given channel number (try this operation in GNMIDI demo) more....
midi2txt converts a MIDI file content to readable text (try this operation in GNMIDI demo). more...
txt2midi converts text generated by midi2txt back to a MIDI file (try this operation in GNMIDI demo).more...
midinote converts a MIDI file content to text and numbers that is easy to read and parse by scripts or programs. more...
note2mid converts text generated by midinote back to a MIDI file. more...
midi2csv converts a MIDI file content to comma separated table (try this operation in GNMIDI demo)more...
csv2midi converts text generated by csv2midi back to a MIDI file (try this operation in GNMIDI demo).more...
removechords converts chords of given format from a MIDI file (try this operation in GNMIDI demo).more...
others ask author if a certain tool can be provided as commandline tool
Documentation to the usage of these utilities could be sent on request before ordering.
Batch solutionSolutions for converting all .mid and .kar files inside a folder tree (batch conversion) can be ordered on demand.
Supported Windows systems: The programs are tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8. The command line tools might work also with XP, Vista, Windows 10. © Günter Nagler Contact